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San Diego Long Term Parking Tip Sheet

Here at Park and Go, we offer long term parking and shuttle service San Diego International Airport a.k.a. Lindbergh Field or SAN.  For information on SAN, airline schedules and general information on the Airport, visit www.san.org

Located across the street from the Airport, we are one of the closest off-site lots servicing Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the Commuter Terminal.  Our customers fly on a variety of carriers including: Southwest, United, Alaska, American, Delta, Northwest, Continental, Jet Blue, Virgin America, AirTran US Air and more.  

Please be advised that TSA recommends that you arrive to the Airport one and a half hours prior to your scheduled departure time.  Even though we are located just a few minutes from the Terminals, we recommend that you allow 10 to 15 minutes for loading transport and unloading.  Please do not show up a half hour prior to your flight and expect to make it on time.    


  1. When you arrive at Park and Go take a ticket and proceed to any open space. Leave your parking ticket in your car. The drivers will issue a dispatch ticket with our phone number on it.

  2. Unload your luggage, lock your car and wait by your car or proceed to one of our sheltered pick-up areas. Please do not leave food in your car. Trash cans are located throughout the lot.

  3. One of our drivers will come to you and assist you with your luggage. The driver will ask you which airline you are flying with and give you a dispatch card. You will be dropped off curbside near your airline entry point. Have a great trip!


  1. After your flight has landed and you get your bags call us for a pick-up. The pick-up area is not the same as the drop-off location. Courtesy vehicles are not permitted to loiter so please don’t call us too early.

  2. For your convenience we have numbered the spaces, when you get back to the lot please direct the driver to your car. The driver will assist you with your luggage.

  3. Proceed to Exit Booth/Gate. Thank you for choosing Park and Go.
  • Terminal 1 Pick-up Area is across the sky bridge and down the escalator. Look for the courtesy vehicle area and wait in that area.
  • Terminal 2 Pick-up Area is outside of baggage claim, across the street at the traffic signal. Look for the courtesy vehicle area and wait there.
  • Commuter Terminal Pick-up Area is just outside of baggage claim

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Long Term Parking serving San Diego International Airport; Lindbergh Field or SAN

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